Jet Ski Dubai Safety Tips

Jet Ski Dubai Safety Tips

Jet Ski and PWC Safety Tips from Jet Ski Dubai. Jet Skis are built with strength in mind, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, things can get dangerous pretty fast, like any intense sport. On such high-performing engines, the heart-racing speeds you can achieve make for an unforgettable boating experience, but too much power on a PWC can also lead to catastrophic accidents when you ride carelessly.

You do need to keep your head on a swivel and follow common sense, even though the water’s pretty open. There are plenty of other riders and hazards to watch out for, so before you reach the water again, try some of these suggestions. We want the lake to be a safe place for everyone at Jet Ski of Dubai, so please don’t hesitate to stop by if you are still unsure how to travel safely. We also sell watercraft from major producers such as Kawasaki.

Inspections prior to each trip

It’s unsafe to use defective equipment no matter what kind of vehicle you are using, so take the first safety measures at home. Before you even leave home, staying on top of maintenance eliminates possible hazards on the water, so make sure you do daily checks on your Jet Ski Dubai or other personal Kawasaki watercraft. You should immediately arrange a service appointment if your hull is damaged, you find loose connections, or the craft has any leaks. Any time a small maintenance problem occurs, it might seem inconvenient to fix your craft, but making repairs immediately is much better than risking your life on the water.

Protection Gear Use

Spending a day on the water also means at some point you’re going to wind up in the water, so make sure you’re suited with the right safety equipment. Even if you’re a good swimmer, when you’re riding a Jet Ski, you and everyone on board will need life jackets. No matter how relaxed you are with water, it does not matter.

If you’re sick or unconscious when you fall overboard, a life jacket will cover you. For emergency cases, there are also a few protection things that you have to carry to your PWC, such as a lanyard, first aid kit, and a whistle or bell. You can tie the lanyard to the ignition and then to your life jacket on the other side. This way, if you are thrown from your car, the engine would shut off.

At the Ramp, Be Polite

Shoving off is a significant part of riding, and in order to be healthy, you will need to learn how to value other riders. You can’t just hit the water on your Jet Ski rental dubai at full speed. Wait for your turn at the ramp to make sure there’s not going to be a crash and everybody’s going to be all right. Be sure to push off slowly, too, because you don’t want to send big wakes so close to the shore.

Meet and Be Courteous Regulations

We can’t tell you all the rules and regulations for each state, but when you’re out on the open water, there are some simple rules you should obey. To begin with, make sure you always surrender to a watercraft that doesn’t have an engine. Racing past a kayak in your Jet Ski while they’re just trying to cross the lake is reckless and just flat-out rude.

Leave plenty of room between yourself and other watercraft, so an accident might easily be caused by getting too close. Finally, if you are going to run some form of PWC, remain sober. It’s not only illegal to ride under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs, it’s a reckless decision that can quickly lead to an accident. Please note to clearly use common sense when riding and be courteous.


Just like exiting the ramp, with care and patience, you can also land. As there are plenty of other people trying to leave or return to the sea, you will need to wait your turn. Give someone who comes before you the right-of-way, and make sure you slow down 100 yards before you get to the beach.

You need to make protection your first priority once you get into a motor-powered sports vehicle. This applies in particular to jet skis and every other PWC, because if you don’t practice healthy habits, water sports can be very dangerous. When you’re on the water, make sure you stay on top of repairs, ride carefully, and treat other PWC operators with respect. Our members spent a lot of time on the water at Jet Ski Dubai, so never be afraid to speak to us about how you can be safer out there. You can also check out our Jet Skis and other Kawasaki personal watercraft while you’re here if you’re on the lookout for a jet ski rental dubai marina.

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