Corvette Jet Car

Corvette Water Jet Car Rental Dubai

1800cc Supercharged Engine

30min AED 1,200
60min AED 2,000


Jet Ski Car Dubai: How an Idea Become Reality?

Jet ski car was built on the idea that you can enjoy real time car driving experience on water. While friends are spending time with their families at the beach on their day off, a group of friends from Egypt who have combined their passions to design and build an aquatic vehicle that is described as a jet car. The 29-year-old Karim Amin designed this technological entity along with his fellow friends and they say it looks like a car and drives like one too but gives one the speed of thrust like you would find in a jet ski. Apparently, it can hit a top speed of 70 kilometers per hour so all in all, you will never be bored or lonely with this new addition cruising alongside you! But wait, there’s more! This aquatic car has some high-tech entertainment with speakers that connect to your Bluetooth system and GPS tracking for safety on board.

How Is Water Jet Car an Awesome Experience?

Driving through outgoing waves and across stormy seas is a thrilling experience. If your speedboat has super-sized hydrofoils that can run on the waterline, going faster! It’s even more fun when you’re actually driving a car across the sea, as you drive overland. All of this craziness is possible with water jet car Dubai. We’ve got great news for all fans of water sports because anyone can drive their cars just like on land but with added freedom because there’s much more to do out on the open sea than on roads!

Key Specs of Water Jet Car Dubai

This car can be driven safely on water and can reach speeds of up to 70kph. The internal mechanism is the same as a jet ski and behaves much like one performing similar tricks as well. The water jet car Dubai looks just like the normal car with 1800 cc engine, wind shield wiper, buttons for different functions, small GPS screen, steering, gas pedal and gear selector. Around back you’ll find a large engine that helps with propulsion when on water allowing for these vehicles to perform in a similar manner when cars are placed on tracks. This car behaves just like jet ski, but you enjoy it like a real car been driven on the waters!

The main features of this jet ski car Dubai are listed below:

  • 1800 cc engine
  • Wind shield wiper
  • GPS screen
  • Steering wheel, gas pedal and a gear selector
  • 62-70 mph (54 knots)

How We Serve? Get Corvette Water Car Dubai

We brought a self-driving car and drove it across the waters a lot of times to test it thoroughly. We’re finally making this fully autonomous vehicle available for consumers in Dubai so you can get into it, start it up and enjoy the ride with your loved ones. Our corvette water car Dubai is designed to float on top of sea water, which makes for an exciting driving experience because you never know where you may end up. Except the fantastic car driving experience on water, we also provide trained crew so you can drive car efficiently even if you are newbie. Book now with us to enjoy this fantastic ride on water.