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Jet Ski Dubai Price

You are looking for the Jet Ski Dubai Price Dubai Marina Yacht Club or in Dubai Jumeirah and let us guide you along the beautiful coastline of Dubai.

jet ski dubai priceYour trip will bring you through The Palm Jumeirah, passing the luxury Yacht “Dubai”, Burj Al Arab 7 Stars Hotel, Jumeirah Beach, the Atlantis Hotel at the top of the Palm Island and Dubai JBR.

You see, if you rent a jet ski in Dubai from us, you experience a unique trip. You have never been on a Jet Ski in Dubai? Don´t worry, beginners are welcome. You will learn the basics very fast since you are instructed by our professional guides. Before you learn more about the Jet Ski Rental Dubai Price, let´s have a look a the datasheet of our Jet Skis.

We offer Yamaha and Kawasaki Jet Ski models with power between 160HP up to nearly 300HP for the action seekers. No license required on our tours. Just hop on and enjoy the adventure. Our professional guides will keep the trip safe for you and support you with riding tips.