Dubai Marina Jet Ski Rental

jet ski rental dubai marina

Our mission is to make your vacation an amazing one. Whether you want to explore the pristine waters of Marina Dubai or just have fun with your friends, our jet skis can be used for both recreation and touring purposes. We are certified and cover all safety guidelines while operating the jetski in Marina.

JET SKI RENTAL DUBAI MARINA is the ultimate way to experience the sea. Jet Ski Rental Dubai Marina gives you an opportunity to explore different marine life or just cruise around, soaking in the sun and enjoying the scenic beauty of Dubai Marina.

Jet Ski Dubai Marina Price

To rent Jet Ski Dubai Marina the price per Jet Ski (1 or 2 persons) is listed below, you can also contact us for custom offers

  • 30 min 400 AED
  • 60 min 600 AED
  • 90 min 900AED


Our Jet Ski Dubai tours are simply a combination of pleasure, sightseeing, and round trip. Your Jet Ski Rental Dubai Marina will bring you to the hot spots of the Dubai coastline, such as the Hotel Atlantis, 7 Star Hotel Burj Al Arab, or the Luxury Yacht “Dubai”.

At we provide a professional instructor on your Jet Ski Rental Dubai who takes care of a group of 4 persons each on a ride.

Your personal guide will help you to find the perfect setup for your Jet Ski Rental Dubai Marina. Our Jet Skis are the best, strongest, and fastest Jet Skis for rent in Dubai. The power of your Jet Ski can be adjusted easily.

No matter if you know how to operate and maintain a Dubai Jet Ski or not, we will give you a short introduction before you jump on your Jet ski Dubai Marina.

You do not need to understand the inner workings of a Jetski, neither do you have to be mechanically inclined. Before jumping on a Jet Ski you should have a bit of background knowledge that can help you to make the right decisions out on the open sea.

Our Jet Skis are equipped with 1100cc and 1800cc supercharged engines which produce more power than a lot of cars that you see driving on the road. Our skilled instructors will give you a briefing on the Jet Ski Dubai Marina. Then you are ready to go. Learn how to take tight corners, try little jumps on the waves and enjoy the amazing Dubai coastline.

Many people don’t understand the mechanics behind a Jet Ski Dubai Marina but this isn´t essentially at all. Our Jet Skis are well maintained and looked after. You don´t need to worry about anything on your Jet Ski Rental Dubai.