Things to know before your first Jet Ski

Jet Skiing is a popular sport, and everyone should try it at least once. If you are in or around a coastal country or state, you can easily find a Jet Ski rental in Dubai near you. All you have to do is ask around or search for the same on the internet. You will surely find a lot of services, and you can choose the best one out of them.

Before you go on for your first ride, there are a few things that you need to know. Jet Skiing is not that easy, and it requires proper strength and balance. If you are somehow unable to balance the Jet Ski, it is better to hire a guided tour on one. You can either learn to drive for a few hours and then go on for a beautiful ride on the water.

What to before your first ride?

Your first Jet Ski ride in Dubai Marina will be full of curiosity, and you will surely experience a lot of new things. It will make you go crazy, and it feels out of the world. You will feel scared, and that adrenaline rush will keep you energized throughout the ride. But, when it comes to safety and precautions, there are a few things you need to know. Always try to cross-check everything we are going to mention in the section below. So, let us learn about them –

1) Required Equipment

There is a checklist for everyone on a Jet Ski. If you are using the Jet Ski Dubai services, you will receive a template from where you can cross-check your gears. Here’s what you will need during your first ride on Jet Ski –

  • Make sure you have your Life jacket on. Ask a professional while wearing it, and don’t miss any single closure of the jacket.
  • Fire Extinguisher should be in your Jet Ski and if there isn’t any of it, ask the service provider to attach it to your Jet Ski. If you own the Jet Ski, you should get one for yours before getting it into the water.
  • A whistle and an air horn to alert the fellow drivers on a busy route.
  • Proper side mirrors for a better view to pull someone.
  • Have a First Aid Kit, Sunscreen, Anchor, solar charger, bilge pump, and a GPS device around you.

If you have everything on the list, you are good to go and enjoy the Jet Ski. Make the most out of this experience and add it to one of your beautiful memories.

2) What you should not do on a Jet Ski

When you are on a Jet Ski, you should avoid doing a bunch of things. Never be rude to your instructor and always ask before trying to do something on the Jet Ski. A few things can turn this fun ride into a misfortunate event, and here are those things you should never do on a Jet Ski –

  • Never drink and drive. Be it a car or a Jet Ski; never try out any of this move.
  • Don’t take out the Jet Ski for a ride after sunset. You will not be able to handle it in the dark, and you should prevent doing so.
  • Never carry out a stupid move that can harm others.
  • When starting the Jet Ski, you should make sure the water is only waist-deep. Don’t try to start it in deeper water as it can turn off the motor of your watercraft.

3) Boaters Safety Course

A Boaters Safety course can help you a lot for your first ride. Some states require a person to be certified with proper training methods. The test is pretty cheap, and you can get to learn a lot of things. However, if you still want to go for a Jet Ski ride, make sure you have a certified professional by your side.

4) Life Jacket is a Must

A life jacket is a must, and as per its name, it will surely save you from drowning in the ocean. It will help you float, and even if you don’t know how to swim, this jacket will keep you on the top. So, it would help if you did not miss out on this very important equipment for Jet Skiing.

5) Dry Bag

A dry bag will keep your things away from water. If you have your important documents, passport, or any electronic thing with you, you can always ask for a dry bag from Jet Ski Rental Dubai, and they will provide it. You can also buy one from any shopping website for regular adventures on your own Jet Ski Watercraft.

6) Safety Lanyard

This is attached to the Jet Ski Jumeirah, and you can wear it around your neck. It is important for you to attach it either to your wrist or your jacket. This will help you keep the watercraft around you and prevent it from crashing into fellow riders. Always wear it around and never miss out on these things.

7) Waves

If you are a beginner, we suggest you stay away from the waves. But, if you are around one, you should be lifted a little upwards as per the pressure of the wave. When the watercraft goes up, you should move a little upwards to balance properly with the waves. Avoid the traffic and big waves as this will surely help you stay safe.

8) Falling Off the Ski

If for some reason you fall off from the Jet Ski, don’t panic, and it is normal. Whenever you feel it is about to get flipped, turn the engine off and make sure that you have your life jacket on.


Enjoying your Jet Ski is a fun activity, and if this is your first time on the watercraft, you should take proper information from the above section. Don’t miss out on anything, and always look out for professional Jet Ski Dubai services for your first time.